Stories and interviews

We opened this rubric in 2013 in order to publish the interviews of four climbers from Corsica, representative of our small community.

Pierre Pietri, Cédric Spécia, Carlos Ascensao and Jeff Andreucci answered the same questions, focused on climbing on traditional style. These questions were more a way to start a discussion than a strict framework.

In addition to these interviews, we add today two new texts. (click on the picture to read them).

We hope that this rubric will develop further with new interviews and stories. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have something to propose.

- "A quick glance at the Corsican climbing history" is an updated version of the text published in the guide book Grandes voies de Corse (available in english).
- The story of the first ascent of the Finch route in 1909 written by Alf Bryn, one of the three protagonist (only in french).
The 4 climbers interviewed in 2013 :
Pierre Pietri, The historical link between generations of climbers.
Cédric Spécia, a young moutain guide, very active in Corsica and elsewhere. Professional and smart perspectives.
Carlos Ascensao, climbing and canyoning instructor. The most active climber in the Bavella massif.
Jeff Andreucci, a hyper motivated mountain guide, fond of trad climbing. Representing the new generation.(Available in English)