Région Corti

Punta u Finellu : Esméralda
Hauteur : 450 m Difficulté : TD+ / 6a oblig
Exposition : Sud Type Equipement : Entièrement équipée
Horaire Approche : 1h Horaire Escalade : 6h
Vos commentaires :
28/09/2016 [08:24] : Julo
A la fin de la 11ième longueur, il y a un rappel pour rejoindre le pied des 3 dernières longueurs au niveau d'un petit col.
04/10/2017 [17:21] : Bertrand
L4 cotée 5c sur le topo est en fait plus dure: 6a+/6b?. Pas de bloc évitable facilement par la droite (non équipé).
05/11/2017 [11:57] : Jon Leighton
A long and enjoyable route :)

We found the access the final 3 pitches quite confusing and this is not mentioned at all in the guide. It's obvious that you need to abseil into the gulley, but how do you then access the other side? After scrambling around I found some rope around a tree and 1 bolt, which it turns out is the 5c pitch. The 5c is not a proper pitch but just a way of accessing the 6b+ on the other side. The guidebook could be much clearer about this.

I agree with Bertrand that L4 is harder than 5c, although it is only one move.

The stated 6h climbing time seems very optimistic. We did it in 8h, even though we combined a number of pitches together using an 80m rope (which was only just long enough). However we did lose probably 1h to the abseil into the gulley, spending time trying to find the way out of the gulley, and then our rope got stuck.

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