Quenza : Bavella
Maximum length of the routes : 35 m Orientation of the Area : Sud et Ouest
Approach Timeable : 10 min Number of routes : 205 routes at all grade and a few short multi-pitch routes

Update 2015
Edition 2018 (see on the PDF file) :
- two new sectors: Croce Leccia and Punta Bigornu (trad climbing)
- Several new routes at sector l'Oriu
- nouveau secteur trad de Punta Bigornu
- At sector Punta Picchiatu : 1 new route 40 metres to the left of the main sector (CaverneauCol, 6b+)
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Comments :
27/12/2013 [13:08] : bertrand
Carlos, with the help of Jeff, finished rebolting the Murzella sector.
Many thanks for this thankless and selfless job.
The FFME (French climbing federation) and the Corsica Roc (climbing club in Ajaccio) provides the bolts.
05/05/2014 [15:32] : bertrand
Carlos again....
Carlos almost finished to rebolt the sport climbing crags in Bavella. Now you climb on new bolts and new belay on all the main sectors.

Many Thanks Carlos.
07/11/2017 [19:29] : Herve
Sector of Murzella
Great rock!
But the common belay of routes 15 and 16 is really worn out.
17/07/2018 [13:23] : Bertrand
Sector Campanella (p372)
A new route between routes 1 and 2: U Passu Panzu: 6b+/6c. The route starts by the white sign.

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