Oletta : Altiplano (et mini-Utah)
Hauteur maxi : 10 m et 35 m Orientation : Ouest
Approche : 5 et 20 min Nombres de voies : 20 voies du 5+ au 7a+

Mise à jour de l'édition 2012
Edition 2015 : 16 nouvelles voies
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21/04/2017 [07:53] : Mari
Yesterday, we had a great day of climbing at Altiplano! The ascent/descent path could be marked a bit more clearly - the next pile of rocks is not always visible and we ended up taking a couple of wrong turns. The routea themselves were very good, unlike some lower-offs with rusty maillons. We ended up replacinc two of them (on Mazo 5c and Grand angle 6c). It also seemed that there is a new route around 6b/6c between Grand angle and Carton rouge not shown on the guidebook

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